The relentless pursuit of flavor

Our goal is to use technology to make dramatic improvements to coffee technology.

Why coffee?

Coffee is not a fundamental human necessity: unlike water, food, shelter and healthcare, we do not die without coffee. So why have we committed our lives to this luxury?

Coffee, at the highest level, is art. The beverage you drink is made possible by an orchestra, beginning with Mother Nature, plant farmers, bean roasters, and ending with the barista; the symphony is composed not of hundreds of notes on dozens of instruments, but literally thousands of flavor molecules, yielding a flavor experience that is possibly more varied and subtle than any other food or beverage in the human experience.

Ask anyone the antidote to an anesthetic: we all know that it's coffee. Is it an accident that the word “anesthetic” is the Ancient Greek antonym of “aesthetic”? Certainly it is caffeine that makes you feel awake, but it is coffee that makes you feel alive.

Coffee, like any other art form, is a profoundly human activity that brings all people together.

At Nuli, we believe that is something that deserves attention.

Keep an eye out for a public beta for our first product sometime in 2018.